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Electrical Safety Awareness

Course Description:

This course trains on the mandated requirements of OSHA §1910.331(a): Covered work by both qualified and unqualified persons. The provisions of §1910.331 through §1910.335 cover electrical safe work practices for employees who are exposed to and perform work on energized electrical conductors and circuit parts within the limited approach boundary or interacts with equipment where an increased likelihood of injury from an exposure to electrical hazards exist. This class will reference OSHA

Regulations and the current revision of the industry consensus standard, NFPA 70E.

Applicable Employees:

This course is designed for any employees who work on or near energized electrical conductors and circuit parts operating at voltages equal to or greater than 50 volts. Those included, as required by OSHA §1910.332(a), are employees in the following occupations:

o Supervisors

o Electrical Engineers

o Electrical Equipment Assemblers

o Electrical Technicians

o Electricians

o Industrial Machine Operators

o Material Handling Equipment Operators

o Mechanics and Repairers

o Painters

o Riggers and Roustabouts

o Stationary Engineers

o Welders

Included are other employees who also may reasonably be expected to face comparable risk of injury due to electric shock or other electrical hazards must also be trained.

Course Content:

o Employer and Employee responsibilities

o OSHA requirements & NFPA 70E compliance guidelines

o Definitions of Unqualified and Qualified Persons

o How to identify & Understand Electrical Hazards

o Arc Flash & Shock Approach Boundaries

o Dynamics of an Arc Fault

o Safety Related Work Practices

o Effects of Exposure to Electrical Hazards

o Job Planning

o Lock Out / Tag Out Procedures

o GFCI’s, Insulation and Grounding

o Recognizing Hazards & Risk Assessments

o Understanding Arc Flash labels

o Determining Arc Flash PPE Category using NFPA 70E


o Selection, care and use of PPE – Class hands-on


o Multimeter Safety

After successful completion of an assessment, each employee will receive a certificate and wallet card.

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