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Advancing Careers Through Industry Leading Training and Assessments

Our customizable services at DTR are built with safety and quality in mind. DTR is dedicated to to assisting personnel and companies achieve their goals In an effort to support workforce development.

DIVERSE TRADE RESOURCES is an approved NCCER Training Unit & Authorized Assessment Site. 


Boilermakers manufacture and install boilers, tanks and other large vessels that contain liquids and gases. 


Pipefitters install and maintain heavy-duty piping systems that contain and transport chemicals and gasses.


Construction Site Safety Orientation (CSSO)

Construction Site Safety Supervisor (CSSS)

Construction Site Safety Technician (CSST)


Fundamentals of Construction leadership built for Journeyman level candidates and above. 


Ironworkers install iron and steel girders, columns and support beams that provide a sturdy structure for large buildings.


Millwrights assemble and maintain machinery on construction sites and in factories and power plants.


Welders fuse materials and objects together by applying heat or pressure.


Electrical Safety Awareness.

One of the most exposed hazards present are electrical. In training we refer to the industry consensus standard, NPFA 70E.

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